Children & Young People

Blakelaw Ward Community Partnerships Youth provisions aims to raise the aspirations and confidence of children and young people across the Ward whilst providing them with fun and stimulating activities.  We hope to provide a service that informally educates, provides information, advice and guidance to all our users.

Our team of workers and dedicated volunteers have proven that developing strong relationships with all whom they work with helps to bridge the gap between the elderly and the young throughout the community therefore increasing community cohesion.

The Partnership operates on a ward wide basis and is currently developing youth work sessions and events, both in house and detached across the span of the ward.   Please see the table below for our range of activities.

Children and Young People’s Activities

Activity Venue Time Age
Mon Success4All  The Blakelaw Centre 5pm til6.30pm 8+ yrs
Tues Code Club  The Blakelaw Centre 4.30pm til5.30 pm 8+ yrs
  Cookery Club St Peters Church Hall 4pm – 5.30pm 8+ yrs
  Youth Club The Blakelaw Centre 6pm til8pm 12–19 yrs
Wed Junior Youth Club The Blakelaw Centre 4.30pm – 6pm 5+ yrs
Thurs Junior Youth Club Fenham Hut 4pm – 5.30pm 5+ yrs
  Senior Youth Club English Matyrs Church Hall 6pm – 7.30pm 8+ yrs
Fri Junior Youth Club Simonside Community Centre 4pm – 5.30pm 5+ yrs